Packaged Apps: TRAX

TRAX Testing

Tricentis Tosca is the perfect tool to help TRAX Administrators import, create, and maintain test cases for iterative testing prior to applying Service Packs or patches to production environments.  Tricentis and TRAX have partnered to create an extensive library of pre-built test cases to accelerate and simplify TRAX test automation with Tricentis Tosca. You can even share your test cases with TRAX so they can be executed even prior to the official Service Pack release.

Get started with scriptless test automation for TRAX
Learn how Tricentis Tosca achieves unprecedented levels of test automation
Jumpstart test automation

Business process experts can rapidly create and manage sophisticated end-to-end test automation—without waiting on “technical” resources.

Align tests with business risks

Understand exactly what tests and data are needed to cover business risk; shift focus from tests’ pass/fail status to “Is the level of business risk acceptable?”

Simplify end-to-end testing

Use a single solution to test across TRAX, APIs, web, GUIs, mobile, mainframe, and more—with service virtualization and test data management to stabilize test automation.