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Tricentis Tosca

Create, maintain, and run virtualized services in minutes

Testers are often constrained by limited access to live systems and real data in their test environments. Tosca’s Service Virtualization (SV) solves this problem by letting you build realistic services that behave exactly the way you want — allowing you to do thorough integration testing of your system as fast as possible.

Why Service Virtualization?

Enterprises run on average 900 applications — all integrated in complex ways. In order to ensure their digital initiatives are delivered flawlessly and on time, enterprises need reliable testing across their entire digital landscape. Unfortunately, 84% of testers are routinely delayed by test environment access. Pieces of their systems are unavailable, unstable, not in their control, or lack the correct test data.

Service Virtualization closes this gap by simulating all dependent components, allowing teams to perform continuous testing in their DevOps cycle and get immediate feedback on release readiness.

Ensure your tests run continuously with Tosca’s SV

Through SV, costs of defects are reduced by 38%

Benefits of Service Virtualization

Faster time-to-market

Shift left and test much earlier in the development cycle. Simulating real services that are not yet available allows you to begin performing integration and end-to-end testing right away.

Enable continuous testing

Eliminate testing constraints in your DevOps pipeline by virtualizing required services. This ensures your continuous tests execute completely, reliably, and accurately — every time.

Reduce testing costs

Many third-party components require access fees. With simulation, you can eliminate costs as well as reduce the resources required for setting up test environments.

Improve application quality

Development teams can identify 60-90% more defects much earlier in the development process.


Create, maintain, and run in minutes

Our easy-to-use, codeless solution enables users with limited expertise to quickly create reliable virtualized environments for more than 100 technologies and protocols.

GUI of creating and deploying Tosca service virtualization features

Reuse API tests as Service Virtualization scenarios

With Tosca, you can take the API tests you’ve already created and automatically convert them into virtual services.

GUI of API tests in service virtualization scenarios

Effortless message verification and analysis

Complex business processes often involve thousands, if not millions, of messages. Manually checking these messages is simply not feasible. Tosca eliminates manual message validation by automatically flagging messages that are improperly formed or sent in the incorrect order.

GUI of Tosca showing verification analysis of tests and variables

Record messages to adapt to system behavior

Virtual service creation is a one-time cost but virtual service maintenance is ongoing. With Tosca’s model-based approach you can re-record service behavior at any time and use those recordings to update the service model. These changes will be automatically applied to any other services leveraging that model, reducing the total time to address change.

GUI of Tosca's recording to auto apply to other locations

Combine the power of test data and simulation

Service virtualization and test data go hand in hand. Quite often issues that make it difficult to test your applications are a combination of missing services and/or their data. SV and Test Data Service (TDS) have a tight integration that allows you to model the data that you require for your test cases and then use service virtualization as a vehicle to deliver it. With this, you can create more flexible data sets for your virtual services and automatically update those services in a central location for greater ownership and easier control.

GUI showing test data being used combined with Service Virtualization

Re-use and share virtualized environments

Create libraries of virtualized environments that you can easily re-use, deploy, and update for testing different business scenarios.

Tricentis Tosca screenshot showing multiple virtualized environments being reused

Watch overview

Simulate virtually any protocol or technology

Definition languages

  • WSDL
  • XSD
  • WADL
  • JSON Schema
  • Swagger
  • RAML
  • OData Definition
  • CopyBooks

Transport protocols

  • HTTP(S)
  • JMS
  • Rabbit MQ
  • Active MQ
  • AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol)
  • IBM MO
  • RFC
  • UDP
  • Data
  • MLLP
  • MS MQ
  • sFTP
  • Window File System Folders

Message formats

  • XML
  • JSON
  • Text
  • URL-Encoded Params
  • Form-Data
  • Binary Content
  • Multipart Attachments
  • MTOM Attachments
  • HL7v2
  • HL7v3


  • SOAP
  • REST
  • ISO 20022
  • Fixed Length
  • SEPA
  • CICS

ESBs & Gateways

  • Tibco
  • Mulesoft
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • CICS Mainframe Gateways

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