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Tricentis Tosca

The next generation of test automation

Tricentis offers a fundamentally different way to tackle enterprise software testing. Our approach is totally automated, fully codeless, and intelligently driven by AI. With Tricentis, you can dramatically accelerate software delivery, reduce costs, and improve quality across both custom and enterprise apps.

Why Vision AI?

For the first time, you will also be able to truly shift UI testing to the left. With Vision AI you can create your automation already based on a simple mockup or UI description, before any code is written – enabling you to test much earlier in the development lifecycle.

As application development architectures evolve in DevOps, test automation needs to evolve as well. Over the years, test automation has transitioned from script-based testing and test automation frameworks to model-based testing.

At Tricentis, we offer the next evolution in test automation with Tricentis Tosca, powered by Vision AI, our AI-based test automation technology. Now, you can use AI and ML tech to teach your test automation tool to think and act like a human would.

GUI showing Vision AI automatically generating test cases based on a prototype PDF

Build future-proof tests that work across any technology

No access to the technical layer. Identify controls based only on visual clues like the control type (e.g., input, button, dropdown, table, etc.), label name, position, or color of a control on screen.

Test sooner

Shift testing left by automating tests based on mockups and use those same tests as the application is developed.

Test smarter

Vision AI keeps up with your application changes, regardless of the underlying platform, avoiding massive rework as the application evolves.

Test more

Create stable and resilient automation for virtual/remote applications running on Citrix, VMware, etc.



Automation based on visual clues

Independent of underlying platform or technology, including remote desktop apps delivered with Citrix or VMware.


Self-healing tests

Future-proof — reuse tests even after major technology changes and upgrades.


AI-driven test automation

Leverage the knowledge of the AI networks to automate and get rid of test customizations.


User identified controls

Train Vision AI to automate custom and proprietary applications that have hard-to-identify controls.

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