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Tricentis NeoLoad

NeoLoad integrates with the entire tech stack

NeoLoad has built-in technology integrations across the enterprise development and deployment stack from traditional to DevOps toolchains. And there’s no catch, our integrations work out of the box. NeoLoad also has an open REST API for connecting to any system.

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Technology integrations

NeoLoad has out-of-the-box integration with functional testing tools, the entire DevOps toolchain, APM tools, and has an open API for connecting to other tools in the stack.

Functional testing

Repurpose functional test scripts as performance tests with one click.

Continuous integration

Automate continuous performance testing within CI pipelines with our integration to on-premise or cloud CI tools.

Application performance monitoring

Leverage bi-directional performance and monitoring data to see test results in one view and make decisions faster.

Version control

Use popular version control systems like GIT to kick off tests, and to manage and share test assets.

SAP testing

Reuse SAP functional tests scripts as performance tests through integration with Tricentis Tosca.

Open API & SDK

Call the NeoLoad open APIs and connect to dev and business tools like Splunk, Tableau, Slack, and more, or use our SDK to build custom protocols, custom plugins, and custom actions.

Tricentis product integrations

NeoLoad-Tosca integration

Convert functional test assets and cases into performance tests with one click. Build out smoke tests of performance tests to find issues earlier.

NeoLoad and Tosca image showing converting test cases

NeoLoad-qTest integration

Unify test management of all functional and performance test results, and collaborate with tech and non tech stakeholders from one view.

Screen showing how qTest and NeoLoad integrate for performance test management

Cloud stack integrated

NeoLoad has native integrations at every level of the cloud software development and delivery tech stack for migrating applications to the cloud, building applications in the cloud, or testing cloud-based applications.

NeoLoad graphic showing plug-and-play aspects across other tech stacks

Monitoring systems support

NeoLoad retrieves and uses metrics from many system sources. NeoLoad supports the retrieval of metrics from a broad range of technologies including APMs, operating systems, application servers, web servers, databases, network devices, and monitoring systems.


Natively connect to Prometheus monitoring systems.

Get all the relevant metrics you need for your performance analysis, and size auto-scaling systems in Kubernetes and microservices cloud-based environments.


Manage instances for Microsoft-family monitors.

Connect to your Microsoft-based components (e.g., Windows, IIS, MS SQLServer, etc.) to get all relevant performance-oriented metrics based on instances and regular expressions.

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