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Test automation management: automate more, manage less

Testing teams across the enterprise are using large and diverse sets of test automation tools. With qTest Launch, Agile and DevOps teams can manage, schedule, kick off, and report on automated tests across the organization — all through a single interface.

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Optimize open source

By centralizing automated test execution and management, qTest Launch enables enterprises to scale test automation and centrally track test schedules and progress across previously disconnected open-source tools.


Manage test machines

Whether you are testing on a local machine, against a virtual machine, or in a dedicated test environment, qTest Launch provides a single location for test machine management.


Scale your test automation

By centralizing automated test execution with qTest Launch, the enterprise can now scale test automation from hundreds to thousands of test runs across different test machines.


Flexible universal agent

The qTest Launch Universal Agent is flexible enough for any automation team. Our agent integrates with any test automation framework — whether it be open source, proprietary, or custom built.

Increase your test automation coverage

Test automation can quickly become separated from business requirements if not properly tracked. With our real-time integration to ALM tools like Jira, teams can tie automated test results to business requirements to get the full picture of test coverage.

Keep your test automation progress visible

The ultimate goal of test automation is to deliver the highest quality possible. To do so, your teams need the proper automated testing tools to consolidate, manage, and analyze test automation progress.

Tricentis’ advanced analytics solutions offer true project and portfolio-level visibility into all of your continuous test automation activities. Ensure efficient execution of automated testing within and across projects.

How Tricentis keeps test automation visible between systems

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