TRICENTIS TOSCARegression Testing

Regression Testing

T he simplification of regression software testing is a constant need for testers who face tight deadlines. They often direct their time and effort to new features and recent modifications, bypassing unrelated systems to their regret. Code changes often have far-reaching consequences that affect unseen modules. Bugs arise that frustrate end users and bring additional work to the dev, test, and QA teams. Tricentis Tosca is the solution for end-to-end business process testing across diverse technologies. Agile regression testing can be performed on multiple technologies, including GUI and non-GUI platforms and standards. It offers .NET, Java, and SAP automated testing tools and more.

Risk Coverage Optimization

Reducing the number of your testcases while minimizing maintenance efforts by effectively defining your testcases.

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Tricentis Tosca enables you to address the challenges of ensuring sustained quality, budget constraints, data management, and test automation along the value creation chain.

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Cross Browser

Leverage Tosca’s market leading model based test automation, stateful test data management and orchestrated service virtualization capabilities.

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Let Tosca do the work for you

Tosca Recorder records and creates automated test cases in a flash! The best part of Tricentis Tosca is that it automatically recognizes previously-recorded controls and re-uses your test assets, meaning you always have redundancy-free test cases.

GBST Increases Risk Coverage and Test Automation for Composer

Find out how GBST used Tricentis Tosca to meet the goal of more tests and higher quality assurance in less time by repeatedly running the Composer Base regression test pack during all of the testing phases – without needing to rely on the availability of manual testers.