Tricentis Device Cloud

Test real smartphones, tablets, browsers and more

Tricentis Device Cloud is a real device farm enabling cloud test authoring and execution on actual smartphones, tablets, iPhones and more. It combines Mobile AI for enhanced user experience and performance analytics, helping organizations deliver flawless mobile experiences.

Mobile device on top of a application screen providing scores and results from tests

Level-up your mobile test automation game

Take automating mobile tests to the next level by utilizing Device Cloud within your test automation tool to run tests on a variety of physical devices from smartphones, tablets, including Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Google, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo, Huawei, and more.

Multiple variety of mobile phones you can test on

Pinpoint failure rapidly with Mobile AI

Tricentis Device Cloud‘s Mobile AI engine uses machine learning technology to help provide intelligent user experience insights. It recognizes image, text, network, audio and video in mobile interfaces while also tracking 130+ KPIs to quickly surface critical issues.

Pinpoint failures in mobile tests quickly

Test mobile apps in real-user conditions - before your users do

Tricentis Device Cloud evaluates user experience across global locations to identify usability, performance, network, and security issues. By tracking network and connectivity issues (WiFi, 4G, 5G), page content load, CPU, memory and battery consumption, teams can quickly remediate errors that impact user experience and front-end performance.

Application screen demonstrating mobile app testing results

Ensure global deployment with expansive coverage

Choose between our secure private (single-tenant) or public (multi-tenant) deployment options, each offering comprehensive worldwide device coverage. You can access dedicated physical devices or run tests from a shared pool of smartphones and tablets.

You can even test devices equipped with authentic SIM cards, enabling teams to cover scenarios associated with cellular network connectivity.

Satellite global image depicting multiple mobile devices everywhere

Tosca Mobile

For enterprise IT and QA teams who want to deliver high-quality mobile apps across their integrated application landscape.

Testim Mobile

For application development teams who want to speed up Agile delivery for their mobile apps.

Device Cloud

An add-on to Tosca and Testim that helps teams execute and analyze testing for real smartphones and tablets in the cloud.