Just as smartphones have revolutionized the way we communicate, digital transformation initiatives like Agile and DevOps have forever changed the way that software is developed and delivered. Development teams have already made previously-unimaginable leaps forward—yet we are still in our infancy when it comes to achieving the expected speed and process automation. Despite all the changes we’ll undoubtedly experience in the very near future (driven by AI, robotics, big data, and predictive analytics…), testing remains largely stuck in the past…

Gartner Research

IT Market Clock for Application Development, 2017

Keith James Mann, Mike West, Anne Thomas, David Norton, David Mitchell Smith, Dennis Smith, George Spafford, Joachim Herschmann, Magnus Revang, Mark Driver, Nathan Wilson, Mark O’Neill, Thomas Murphy, Colin Fletcher

The need to deliver value continuously has led application organizations to take agile and DevOps to enterprise scale. Application leaders must select the right combination of tools, technologies and practices to enable the ongoing digital business transformation of their organizations.

Key Findings

  • Tools and practices commonly associated with Mode 2, such as agile and DevOps, are evolving to enterprise scale as organizations mature their bimodal capabilities.
  • As cloud-based services make advanced technologies such as machine learning more accessible, application architectures and tools that leverage such services take prominence while service-oriented approaches fade.
  • Because application development technology assets are interdependent with other assets, organizational collaboration is needed to change them effectively.

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