Companies that rely on SAP must continually test their systems to avoid the business disruptions that stem from SAP upgrades, service packs, and enhancement packages. However, much of the testing responsibility falls on key users, who are asked to validate transactions alongside all their other duties. At the same time, the complexity of what needs to be tested is increasing, with end-to-end business processes commonly extending beyond SAP and across different web UIs, mobile interfaces, APIs, big data, and more.

How can you increase the speed, scope, and risk coverage of your SAP testing efforts—while reducing the burden on business users?

Join our webinar for a preview of new Tricentis Tosca features that help organizations reduce risks while accelerating the pace of business process innovation.  You’ll learn about:

  • New technology for “zero-touch  scriptless” SAP business process testing
  • Market-leading support for SAP Fiori
  • Native certified SAP Solution Manager 7.2 integration


Lev Kushnir
Product Manager