Software Testing for DevOps—When You’re Not a Unicorn


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If you’ve been researching DevOps and Continuous Delivery, you’ve probably noticed that the success stories are heavily drawn from the so-called unicorns. However, most businesses are not unicorns. They’re hampered by burdens such as legacy architectures, compliance requirements, and processes that have evolved slowly over decades.

This burden is especially pronounced when it comes to software testing.  For DevOps, it’s imperative to transition from legacy (manual and automated) testing to Continuous Testing. Continuous Testing is not simply more automation. It’s a fundamentally new approach to testing that focuses on achieving the highest level of risk coverage as fast as possible.

Join guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst Christopher Condo, and Tricentis Distinguished Evangelist Ingo Philipp, to explore how mature organizations can transform their testing processes —achieving the speed and efficiency vital for digital transformation. We’ll cover:

  • The realities of DevOps adoption and test automation in mature organizations
  • Where testing processes fall short in the context of DevOps initiatives
  • How to achieve notable test automation and risk coverage gains as efficiently as possible


Christopher Condo

Christopher Condo
Senior Analyst

Ingo Philipp
Distinguished Evangelist

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