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The demand for software is increasing year over year with no foreseeable end in sight. Leading organizations are responding with faster and more productive means of delivering innovative applications – such as scaling Agile and adopting DevOps. Most invest a significant amount of resources in transforming Development and Operations in terms of training, tooling, and coaching. However, testing is commonly an afterthought – until it becomes clear that the testing status quo is creating a bottleneck. “Test automation” becomes a hot topic once the organization recognizes that testing is holding the organization back. QA typically responds by trying to automate more tests through their legacy testing tools and processes. However, this will not deliver the expected results because…

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Accelerate Development With Automated Testing

Joachim Herschmann

Application leaders who are modernizing software development need to look at software testing as more than just a way to reduce bugs in an application and mitigate associated risks. When implemented correctly, automated testing is essential to a highly productive software development organization. Key Challenges:

  • Testing after “code complete” leaves little time to stabilize the code.
  • Manual testing is too slow and costly to do early and often.
  • Automated user-interface-driven tests are too slow and fragile to efficiently provide good test coverage.
  • Manual integration is too slow and inefficient for continuous testing.

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