Vantiv, a leading US-based credit card payment service provider, recently underwent a digital transformation that directly impacted how they develop and deliver their payment processing solutions.  As the organization scaled agile, they required testing to become faster, more reliable, and more predictable.

The enterprise-wide QA team faced challenges including:

  • Large regression suites could not be fully executed with manual testing; even partial coverage took several weeks
  • Testing depended on inconsistent existing test data because creating new test data was too time-consuming
  • Tens of thousands of manual test cases in HP ALM were defined in ways that led to misinterpretation and inconsistent execution with unknown risk coverage

Download this case study to learn how Vantiv’s new approach to Continuous Testing and test automation helped them:

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Reduce test execution time by ~90%
  • Increase risk coverage by ~90%

In a digital economy where fintech firms are disrupting established business models by redefining customer experience and business processes, time to market is key. Automating Vantiv’s testing exponentially decreased our test windows, significantly improving both time to market and reliability. It has been a key differentiator.

Sujit UnniVice President of IT at Vantiv