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Accelerating your healthcare and life sciences application testing cycles

Are you ready to learn how life science companies can accelerate their application development cycles and still address all system validation requirements?

The life sciences industry is undergoing major change in terms of adopting agile methodology, which has enabled the development cycle time to be reduced from months to weeks. However, life sciences organizations still have to meet regulatory compliance requirements like FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

With all these challenges it is imperative that test management and testing execution are automated to improve validation processes, accelerate software release cycles, and lower costs, while also meeting validation requirements for clear traceability and audit trials.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How Apexon’s solution uses web-based approvals and electronic signatures for traceability and compliance with FDA regulations
  • How Apexon and Tricentis can deliver and exceed the testing speed improvements that were promised in the past, by leveraging AI-driven, model-based test automation
  • How a single end to end tool set can address multiple types of testing, reducing your testing complexity and cost
  • How no-code test automation can reduce your dependency on testing experts by enabling members with diverse skills to contribute to the testing process

Who should watch:

  • Test engineers and test architects
  • Automation specialists
  • Test and QA managers

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