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Achieve extreme automation with API testing and service virtualization

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API testing is a proven way to accelerate and stabilize testing—and transitioning from UI to API testing is much easier than most testers think.  

As more and more functionality is exposed via APIs, it’s becoming increasingly important for testers to learn 1) how to test them directly (NOT indirectly through the UI), and 2) how to test processes that interact with APIs which are incomplete, unstable, or otherwise unavailable for testing.   

Watch this webinar to learn how you can achieve both of these goals with the same resilient “model-based test automation” approach behind all Tricentis test automation. We’ll explore:

  • The pros and cons of testing at the UI vs. API layer
  • Why and how to shift part of your test portfolio to the API layer
  • How service virtualization can increase the stability of your tests
  • The powerful combo of risk-based testing and API testing

Robert Wagner, Director of Product Management, Tricentis

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