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Achieving reliability at scale

Load testing and performance go hand-in-hand, but how does load testing contribute to your assurance of reliability? In today’s world, functional testing isn’t sufficient for verifying that your app will run correctly in a production environment because it doesn’t test for network degradation, scalability, or availability. In this session, we’ll cover the end-to-end pipeline for delivering fast and reliable applications, from 10 to 10,000 users.

Speaker: Ivan Vanderbyl, Senior Director of Product Management for Load Testing, Tricentis
Ivan is the Senior Director of Product Management for Load Testing at Tricentis, having joined through the acquisition of his company Flood IO in 2017. Ivan brings more than a decade of product and engineering expertise in DevOps, performance testing, and cloud architecture. He is also the creator of Flood Element, the open-source real browser load testing tool.

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