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Agile is All About Change…Why Does Testing Remain the Same?

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Everyone in the software development industry is talking about Continuous Testing these days…but are we all referring to the same thing? What is Continuous Testing? Is it just a new buzzword for “test automation”?

When your organization adopts Agile and DevOps, you recognize that your development processes and infrastructure will need to change. However, one critical change is commonly overlooked. Agile and DevOps also require a testing change towards Continuous Testing—not just automating manual testing, but also optimizing and expanding upon traditional UI test automation. If traditional testing processes aren’t transformed for modern development processes, there’s a high risk that your Agile and DevOps results will fall short of expectations.

Download this paper by Tricentis founder Wolfgang Platz to learn:

  • How traditional testing undermines Agile and DevOps objectives
  • Why test automation is critical—but not sufficient—for Agile and DevOps
  • 3 recommended guidelines for evolving testing to advance Agile and DevOps processes

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