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Agile Testing Regulated-Environments Best Practices


Agile testing in regulated environments: challenges and best practices

On-Demand webinar

Traditional electronic signature approaches don’t work when Life Sciences companies adopt Agile and DevOps. 

Testing regulated applications has long required programmatic process controls with electronic signatures. Now, with the shift to Agile processes and DevOps tools, many organizations are attempting to apply traditionally rigid governance practices within processes and tools architected for a much faster, more flexible paradigm. This is a risky approach.

Watch our on-demand webinar as a panel of Life Sciences and Agile testing experts explore the top challenges and best practices associated with testing regulated Life Sciences applications in Agile and DevOps processes. We cover: 

  • How to adopt a data driven approach to computer systems validation (CSV) for a balance of speed and governance
  • How to take a practical approach to applying the “right” balance of programmatic process controls   
  • How Tricentis and Tx3 Vera work together to help you achieve Continuous Testing that meets regulatory requirements  

Ryan Yackel, Product Management, Tricentis
Jason Secola, Support Sales Manager, Tx3

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