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AI-powered test automation for the next generation of applications

In the year 2018, Tricentis developed the hypothesis that if we are to truly shift testing to the left as well as create resilient automation for modern applications that get updated daily, it will require a dynamic approach that entirely separates an application’s technical layer from automating it.

Introducing to you Tricentis Tosca, powered by Vision AI—the next-generation technology that sees and steers elements on virtually any technology —from cloud-native, enterprise apps, to simple designs and mockups.

Topics include:

  • Why did Tricentis build Vision AI?
  • AI and machine learning in context—what are neural networks?
  • Three generations of test automation: Script-based, model-based and AI-powered
  • Integrating Vision AI with model-based test automation
  • Tricentis Platform: Vision AI, risk AI and self-healing AI

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