AI in Software Testing: Will a Bot Steal Your Spot?

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Artificial intelligence has only just matured to a point where its applications to software testing are starting to be explored. And a few years down the line, it’s likely that AI will become integrated into every part of the testing lifecycle. This webinar draws the journey between those two points and investigates whether AI is helping testing teams delivery quality feedback, and to what extent. 

We’ll run through some of the areas of testing AI could help with such as: 

  • Test strategy optimization 
  • Automated test design 
  • Test case generation 
  • Redundancy reduction in test portfolios 

In each case, we will discuss whether AI should be applied, and look at under-researched aspects of testing that AI could assist with. 

This webinar will give you a better understanding of: 
  • Where AI can be applied most quickly, and for the biggest impact
  • Whether AI will amplify or replace a tester’s role
  • What testers should do next to prepare for advances in AI

Stefan Januschke, Product Manager – Artificial Intelligence & Desktop Automation, Tricentis
Ingo Philipp, Evangelist

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