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Beating 3 challenges to enterprise Continuous Testing

Global 2000 organizations are increasingly being pitted against nimble startups set on disrupting their industry. Accelerating application delivery is a key part of maintaining a competitive advantage, but it’s hard for enterprise organizations to keep pace. All too often, it’s testing that’s holding back the speed of application delivery—specifically, lack of a mature Continuous Testing practice that provides near real-time feedback on whether the application has an acceptable level of business risk.

Nobody doubts that Continuous Testing is essential. But making it a reality is a challenge in any development environment, and it’s an especially pointed pain in enterprise environments with all the burdens and baggage mentioned above.

Read this paper to learn:

  • The top 3 challenges that enterprises face when trying to implement an effective Continuous Testing practice
  • How top organizations have solved each of these 3 challenges (including takeaways)
  • Best practices for selecting a Continuous Testing strategy that will be effective and sustainable in your own organization

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