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Changing the rules of testing: How AI will shape the future of your quality practice

For years, artificial intelligence has been the #1 trending topic in software testing, and recent advancements are taking this trend from hype to reality. Incorporating this technology into your testing practice can reshape the way your organization approaches quality. It can democratize testing and bridge the gap between testers and business stakeholders by making automation more accessible to less technical roles.

In this webcast, Clint Sprauve, Enterprise Strategist at Tricentis, will show you why AI must be on every testing professional’s radar. He’ll walk you through three common use cases, from extreme shift-left testing to simplifying modernization of complex enterprise application landscapes.

What you’ll learn:

  • The evolution of test automation, described in three stages
  • How AI can take the pain out of test design, execution, and maintenance
  • How to prepare your team for the third era of test automation

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