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Salesforce testing: An intelligent, continuous approach for the digital enterprise

Most digital enterprises exhibit highly complex Salesforce implementations and ecosystems. These typically include custom business rules, the configuration of unique workflows, a myriad of enterprise integrations, and complex sets of organizational data. These variables make end-to-end testing a complicated challenge.  

With increasing pressure from the business to release faster, organizations must adopt agile testing workflows and automated testing to navigate increasing quality and speed requirements. In this webinar, Tricentis and Infostretch experts share what is required to define and implement an intelligent, continuous testing program for Salesforce that will help you meet these requirements. 

You will learn: 

  • The key business and technical challenges enterprises face with Salesforce testing 
  • Best practices for getting started with Salesforce test automation and integrating testing into the continuous delivery process
  • How to develop an enterprise integration test strategy for Salesforce and connected systems such as ERP, supply chain management, and HR systems 
  •  How one enterprise developed an end-to-end framework for automating testing across a complex, highly customized Salesforce implementation 

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