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Continuous testing for DevOps initiatives: The Tricentis perspective

All organizations are at various stages in their DevOps journey; however, testing and application quality remains the number one barrier to success. Many teams understand WHAT is required for continuous testing but struggle with HOW to implement a strategy that works for their software development efforts. Tricentis provides a unique and prescriptive point of view for continuous testing. 

Join this session and learn:   

  • How Tricentis defines continuous testing for DevOps   
  • How to implement continuous testing in every stage of the software delivery pipeline   
  • How the Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform supports DevOps   
  • The services and best practices needed for consistent and holistic testing in CI/CD  

This webinar features the Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform. You can request a demo today!

Clinton Sprauve
Director, Product Marketing, Tricentis

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