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Continuous Testing Reference Guide

Continuous Testing involves executing automated tests throughout the software delivery pipeline to obtain fast feedback on the business risks associated with a software release.

Continuous Testing does not require any specific type of testing approach (shift left, shift right…) or testing tools. However, it does require that 1) Actionable feedback is delivered to the right stakeholder at the right time, and 2) Testing occurs across all phases of the software delivery pipeline.  Test automation is essential for Continuous Testing, but it’s not sufficient.

This guide explores what Continuous Testing really involves, presents new research on why it’s so critical for Agile + DevOps, and offers tips to help you make it a reality in your own team and organization.

There are four main sections:
  • Continuous Testing vs Test Automation
  • Continuous Testing and Agile + DevOps Success
  • The Top Roadblocks to Continuous Testing
  • The Path to Continuous Testing

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