Continuous Testing vs. test automation

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Continuous Testing vs. test automation

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Everyone in the software development industry is talking about Continuous Testing these days…but are we all referring to the same thing? What is Continuous Testing? Is it just a new buzzword for “test automation”?

Test automation is essential for Continuous Testing, but it’s not sufficient.  Test automation is designed to produce a set of pass/fail data points correlated to user stories or application requirements. Continuous Testing, on the other hand, focuses on business risk and providing insight on whether the software can be released.

It’s not simply a matter of more tools, or different tools. Continuous Testing requires a deeper transformation across people and processes as well as technologies.

Read this paper to learn:

  • What is Continuous Testing
  • Where traditional test automation falls short in modern development and delivery processes
  • The 3 main differences between Continuous Testing and test automation
  • How testers can address each of the 3 key elements of Continuous Testing

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