Continuous Testing vs. test automation: What’s the difference?


Continuous Testing vs. test automation: What’s the difference?

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The past few years have brought a sea change in the way applications are architected, developed, and consumed—increasing both the complexity of testing and the business impact of software failures. How can software testing professionals keep pace with modern application delivery, given the trends that impact both architectures (cloud, microservices, and APIs) and processes (DevOps, agile, and continuous delivery)? This is where continuous testing comes in.

Watch this webinar to discover why and how continuous testing is different from traditional test automation. You will learn:

  • The 3 main differences between continuous testing and test automation
  • Where traditional test automation falls short in modern development and delivery processes
  • How testers can address each of the three key elements of continuous testing
  • How to integrate various testing practices (including model-based testing, risk-based testing, change-based testing, and exploratory testing) in order to achieve the speed and agility required for release

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