A creative approach to building better test strategies

Test strategies should be as varied and tailor-made as the teams and organizations that need them, but far too often we see the same boilerplate and cliched strategy documents (if there is a strategy at all).

Strategy documents have developed a reputation for being too broad or vague to inspire action, or too inflexible to accommodate changing requirements. As a result, testing teams either lose sight of the broader vision or abandon the strategy document altogether.

We can change that. Watch this webinar to learn useful tips for building a better test strategy, along with a helpful metaphor that can inspire a more creative approach.

You will learn how to:


Lead a strategy session that encourages creative thinking and helps team members develop a shared sense of purpose


Create a solid test strategy that is flexible enough for agile, SAFe, and DevOps environments


Develop a layered approach to test automation that offers a solid foundation and accommodates additions and alterations

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