Data Warehouse Testing—The Next Opportunity for QA Leaders

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Your Tricentis Tosca expertise is great preparation for data warehouse and big data testing—which is fast-becoming a new opportunity for testers. If your organization isn’t already recruiting traditional testers to safeguard data quality, they probably will soon. Are you up for the challenge?

If so, watch two data warehouse testing leaders for the webinar Data Warehouse Testing—The Next Opportunity for QA Leaders. Wayne Yaddow is a data warehouse testing consultant who literally wrote the book on data warehouse. Raj Kanuparthi is a senior quality leader who drove the big data testing initiative at one the world’s leading financial service companies. Tricentis has gotten them together to give you a realistic look at why quality leaders are making data testing an integral part of their quality process, and the role that Tricentis Tosca experts are playing in these transformations.

We’ll cover:

  • Why data testing is important
  • How it compares to “traditional” software testing
  • Where data warehouse testing fits into the broader quality strategy
  • How leading enterprises got started with data warehouse testing
  • The top challenges they faced
  • The importance of automation—and how Tricentis helps

Raj Kanuparthi, Founder, Narwal, Inc

Wayne Yaddow, Testing Consultant, Coach & Mentor

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