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Forrester DevOps Quality Metrics Report

DevOps Changes Everything

DevOps dramatically changed how we develop and deploy software. With continuous everything, knowing whether each new release will ultimately enhance or undermine the overall user experience is essential. Yet, most of today’s go/no-go decision still hinge upon quality metrics designed for a different era.

Every other aspect of application delivery has been scrutinized and optimized for DevOps. Why not re-examine quality metrics as well?

What Quality Metrics Really Matter for DevOps?

Are “classic” metrics like number of automated tests, test case coverage, and pass/fail rate important in the context of DevOps, where the goal is immediate insight into whether a given release candidate has an acceptable level of risk? What other metrics can help us ensure that the steady stream of updates are truly fit for production?

To provide the DevOps community an objective perspective on what quality metrics are most important for DevOps success, Tricentis commissioned Forrester to research the topic. The results are published in a new ebook, Forrester Research on DevOps Quality Metrics that Matter: 75 Common Metrics—Ranked by Industry Experts.

New Forrester Research Report on DevOps Quality Metrics

This new 55-page report takes a deep dive into the findings from Forrester’s research on DevOps quality metrics. Read it to learn: 

  • How the metrics compare…visualized with heat maps and quadrant plots
  • If you’re relying on “overrated” metrics or missing “hidden gems”  
  • What metrics are the most significant “DevOps differentiators” separating DevOps leaders from laggards

Europe Results

How do European DevOps leaders measure quality differently?  The EMEA-focused analysis outlines:

  • How overall quality metrics in EMEA varied vs the global average
  • Which quality metrics were most highly-valued in EMEA
  • How GDPR is impacting quality metric measurement in EMEA

Asia-Pacific Results

How do Asia-Pacific DevOps leaders measure quality differently?  The APAC-focused analysis outlines:

  • What categories of quality metrics were overwhelmingly more important in the APAC region than the global average
  • How broader APAC finance industry trends are impacting quality metrics usage and valuation
  • How regional DevOps leaders or laggards compare on quality metrics measurement

Research Analysis

Explore the research findings from different industry perspectives: