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Distributed Execution

Data Sheet

For large and complex systems, the number of test cases usually range from around a few hundred to several thousand. Even a computer with substantial processing capacity would require an enormous amount of time to execute such a large test set.

In any fast-paced development environment, parts of your test set will need to be executed multiple times within a limited amount of time for several different configurations, e.g. browsers and/or operating systems. This is an increasing challenge for testers, wherein they must identify critical defects at the earliest possible. Tricentis’ answer to distributed test execution removes all these barriers in one single swoop, enabling you to easily avoid many major testing dilemmas.
Tricentis Tosca’s smart approach to distributed test execution (DEX) boosts the performance of your testing by distributing your automated test sets across multiple virtual machines, computers in your network, or in the cloud. Since all of this can be achieved with minimal effort – no complex installation or laborious configuration is required – the basic principle is to keep it simple but powerful.

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