Exploratory Testing for Mobile

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With mobile apps, users expect new features to be released rapidly… and they expect them to “just work.” Even a small glitch in a quick update can mean a permanent bad review that’s hard to overcome. How can you increase your chances of catching the most critical user issues—without delaying time to market? Enter exploratory testing.

Exploratory testing helps your team collaborate on testing to catch critical user experience issues before release. Watch this webinar to learn how to apply exploratory testing to mobile applications, working with the constraints and complexities they bring. We’ll cover:

  • How exploratory testing helps expose the UX issues critical for mobile users
  • Tips for getting started
  • Strategies for simplifying documentation across myriad mobile configurations
  • Best practices, challenges and pitfalls – examples from the field

Paulina Steidel, Product Manager, Tricentis

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