Fast feedback: Michael Bolton on software testing

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Ever wish you could sit down with the most influential software testers and ask them the questions that matter most to you? We recently got to do just that.

Don’t miss the lively discussion that ensues when Michael Bolton, Rapid Software Testing co-creator and Exploratory Testing evangelist, joins Tricentis’ Ingo Philipp to tackle some of the testing community’s toughest questions:

  • How do you determine “good” test coverage?
  • Is it actually helpful to have standardized language and processes when it comes to testing?
  • How do you take common feelings of confusion and make them work in your favor?
  • What’s the difference between testing and checking?
  • And many, many more

We’ve broken up 2 ½ hours of discussion with Michael into individual, bite-size videos so you can focus on the topics that especially interest you. Fill in the form and “choose your own adventure.”


Michael Bolton, Co-Creator, Rapid Software Testing

Ingo Philipp, Distinguished Evangelist, Tricentis

The difference between testing and checking, and why that should transform the role of a software tester.
Why testers shouldn’t ask, “does this program work correctly?”, but instead be asking, “is there a problem here?”
Why it’s not a tester’s job to break software.
How to determine if you have good test coverage when your test coverage can never be 100% comprehensive.
What confusion means for a software tester and how embracing confusion can help them.
What heuristics are, and why they should be applied to testing rather than being followed.
Why a focus on confirmation in software testing can lead to unexpected problems.
What testers should focus on verifying if they cannot actually verify “whether a product works”.
Why standards in software testing can be both a hindrance and a help to software testers.
What models are and why they are used so frequently in testing. But should they be trusted?
How to develop a testing strategy that allows you to discover software bugs, whether by “accident” or purposefully.
Bugs & Issues
How “bugs” and “issues” are different, and why that is meaningful to software testers
What kind of role software testing tools should play in the work of a software tester.

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