How to flip your test automation pyramid for Agile


How to flip your test automation pyramid for Agile

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We’ve all heard that Agile requires flipping the traditional “ice cream cone” test automation model on its head…but how do we actually do that?

It’s hard to argue that faster execution time and greater test stability are required for testing in Agile environments, where testing is performed via CI (at least) daily. However, the path to that goal isn’t so clear. Few organizations are building out a test strategy from scratch—and most enterprise organizations have already accumulated expansive regression test suites with thousands of tests.

Join this webinar for a “nuts and bolts” look at how you can evolve your current testing stack to more closely mirror that of the Agile test automation pyramid. We’ll cover practical matters such as:

  • How to determine which UI tests to shift to the API layer
  • Strategies for reducing the remaining UI test suite
  • Where manual testing fits into the different layers

Thomas Stocker, Product Manager, Tricentis

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