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Forrester Report: We Must Address Testing In Low-Code Development

Low-code platforms offer enterprises the opportunity to elevate business software development to new heights — by increasing the speed of innovation, lowering the cost of development, and making it easier to tailor core systems to business needs. Testing is vital to the success of these projects but is poorly understood among teams doing low-code development. 

Testing low-code applications is different from testing traditionally developed apps. And because low-code applications power mission-critical business processes, the stakes are often higher. We believe this report from Forrester will help you understand how to create a tailored testing strategy that reduces the risks of production errors, failed integrations, and performance slowdowns in the software that powers your most critical business processes. 

Download the report to learn:  

  • How you should approach testing for low-code applications 
  • Why end-to-end testing of application functionality must be the core of any organization’s testing strategy for low-code applications 
  • How to focus your testing strategy depending on the level of customization 

We Must Address Testing In Low-Code Development, Forrester Research, Inc., October 29, 2020

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