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Forrester | 5 Testing Must-Do’s For Quality at Speed

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Don’t Compromise Between Speed And Quality

“Oh no! Our delivery date is just around the corner but we still have QA to run . . . let’s push this to production anyway and deal with it in the next release.” Sounds familiar? As digital disrupts business, we’re seeing an unprecedented demand for speed, while quality, of course, is a given; as a result, old ways of testing don’t cut it anymore.

Agile and DevOps demand huge changes to the way application development and delivery (AD&D) and quality assurance (QA) teams test. Whether they are developing for the Web or for mobile first, they must transition to continuous testing.


This report reveals continuous testing best practices for AD&D professionals in an age of high-speed digital delivery and explains how to turn QA from an impediment to rapid delivery into a new, converged model that tests quality at speed.


Learn how to implement the following must-dos for quality at speed:

  • Organize testing in a lean way
  • Use shift-left and shift-right testing
  • Build a practice for testing skills
  • Reduce manual testing in favor of automation
  • Automate test data and environments provisioning

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