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How a platform approach can make your testing practice more adaptive, featuring Forrester research

Automation is at the core of being adaptive – a trait that will set successful companies apart as they navigate the pandemic, recent financial crises, and market volatility. Adaptive companies deliver software quickly so that they can continuously respond to market-changing conditions. Test automation plays a significant role in an adaptive software delivery model, but past automation approaches have not helped application delivery teams keep up with increased demands of modern delivery.  

In this webinar, distinguished guest speaker Diego Lo Giudice, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, shares insights from his latest research – including why enterprises are making a shift away from siloed toolsets towards smart, integrated testing platforms/suites, and how this approach can help you develop a more adaptive testing practice.  

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why preferences are shifting to an integrated suite and away from single-purpose tools 
  • How a testing platform can connect testing across different teams, departments, and functions, and across custom and packaged apps – and why this is so important in today’s environment 
  • How the growth of new technologies (low code, AI infused apps, DPA) is creating a need for new types of test automation 
  • The capabilities that can make test automation smarter, faster, and more straightforward 

Speaker: Diego Lo Giudice, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst

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