How GDPR impacts test data management: From masking to synthetic data generation

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Test data challenges are nothing new to software testers. Manual testers spend 50 – 75% of their effort on finding and preparing appropriate test data. Moreover, when teams automate testing, full control of test data becomes mandatory.

Now, the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is further complicating the test data challenge by placing constraints on using production data for testing purposes. Many vendors are suggesting that the GDPR can be addressed by simply deploying products that assist with data generation, data extraction and masking. But is it really just a question of finding the right tool? What about the challenges of consistent data provisioning in multiple systems with data redundancy—in other words, test data management in enterprise system landscapes?

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn strategies for getting the exact test data you need, without putting your organization at risk of violating the GDPR. You’ll learn:

  • What GDPR really means for testers and test data
  • When to use production test data and when to opt for synthetic test data
  • How to design a test data management strategy

Franca-Sofia Fehrenbach, Test Data Management Guru, Tricentis

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