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Getting the most from remote service engagements

At Tricentis, we are always looking to improve our approach to service delivery—whether we are delivering professional services onsite or remotely. This focus on service delivery innovation and quality has proven critical in ensuring time to value as both we and our customers adopt new technologies during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

With the sudden switch to 100% remote service delivery, even with customers who previously did not allow or consume remote services, we had the perfect opportunity to test our theories as to what makes service delivery successful. We found that with the right approach, you can achieve the desired business outcomes just as rapidly—if not faster—with remote delivery as you would with on-site delivery.

In this paper, we share strategies that have been key to our customers’ success with remote service delivery. Some aspects—such as readiness, preparation, and change management—remain relatively unchanged whether services are delivered onsite or remotely. Others—such as security and service delivery logistics—are specially-optimized for the nuances of remote engagements. We hope that this insight into what you can expect will alleviate any concerns that your organization may have regarding remote service delivery (e.g security restrictions and communication methods) and help you prepare for a successful engagement.