How Every Tester Can Be a Load Tester with Browser-Level User Performance Testing

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With more teams moving to cloud-native apps and microservices, a transaction now involves many highly distributed components. A performance issue in any of the components could have a ripple effect that deteriorates the user experience. To avoid disappointed users, teams need instant insight into whether incremental changes negatively impact performance.

Traditional protocol-level performance testing requires specialty skills that not every team has access to. But the cloud allows testers who aren’t performance specialists to create browser-level user (BLU) performance tests as easily as repurposing your existing functional test suite.

Watch this on-demand webinar to explore why and how you can start performing BLU load testing today.

You will also learn:

  • Why load testing is becoming critical for all testers
  • How BLU makes load testing feasible for everyone
  • BLUs versus protocol-level approaches to load testing

Tim Koopmans, Flood IO, Tricentis

Ivan Vanderbyl, Flood IO, Tricentis

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