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How the World’s Top Organizations Test: Financial Industry Trends

QA teams at leading financial organizations are caught between the competing forces of innovation pressure, complexity, and regulation.  

If longstanding financial industry leaders’ applications aren’t as slick, fast, and personalized as the ones their customers use for fun, then there’s no shortage of digital-native disruptors poised to steal them away. But enterprise financial environments are complex and highly regulated. “Move fast and break things” is not an option here.  

How are QA teams at financial industry leaders responding to these unprecedented demands? Read the findings from our analysis of how 110 top financial companies test the software that their business (and the world) depends on. You’ll learn: 

  • How financial organizations stack up against other industries in terms of overall software testing maturity
  • What specific practices financial organizations are implementing differently than other industries
  • Where banks and insurance companies outperform their peers

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