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Improve Salesforce release speed and quality with business user-friendly test automation

Salesforce gives enterprises the ability to change fast, with a highly customizable platform and a set of tools that makes customization easy. But the speed and ease with which users can make changes is a double-edged sword. Business users could unknowingly break critical features and integrations – which can both interrupt your ability to do business and introduce defects into customer-facing software.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to address these challenges with a no-code solution that anyone can use. You will see how business user-friendly test automation works to standardize testing processes across Salesforce and connected applications. Join us to learn how this solution helps you keep up with changes being made by the business and your technical teams, as well as the updates that Salesforce releases.

You will learn how to:

  • Build and scale test automation quickly, with minimal maintenance
  • Test complex, end-to-end business transactions that touch Salesforce and other applications
  • Use Salesforce APIs to make your testing more efficient
  • Run the same tests as different users to validate configuration, functionality, and access for a variety of roles

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