How Investing in an E2E Data Quality Strategy Ensures “Decision Integrity” for Aegon’s Investment Strategy

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Testing is usually an afterthought in Agile transformations — but not at Aegon. When Aegon embarked on a SAFe transformation, they made it a priority to re-evaluate their testing approach. Teams of manual testers were being caught up in lengthy ‘stare and compare’ sessions, and realized that they would always be several steps behind as the rest of the development cycle moved onto Agile practices. So they brought in test automation while working hard to gain buy-in from senior management as well as fellow testers. 

But in the financial industry, having your interfaces operating flawlessly is just the start. If the underlying data is even slightly off, this could quickly compromise investment and management decisions. To ensure that the accelerated pace of change did not increase their risk exposure, they decided to also implement an end-to-end testing approach across all layers of their data warehouse environment. 

Watch this on- demand webinar to learn more about Aegon’s testing transformation, and how they: 

  • Overcame pushback during the rollout of new processes and tools  
  • Tackled the main challenges of BI/data warehouse test automation  
  • Cut testing time for 100+ test cases from multiple weeks to just 60 minutes 
  • Rapidly assessed how upgrades to core systems (PAM, Oracle, etc.) impact core business transactions as well as the underlying data 

Ryan Burlage, Global QA Manager, Aegon Asset Management 

Elise Carmichael, Enterprise Evangelist, Tricentis 

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