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Conference Highlights

Lightning talks: The next generation of Tricentis innovations

Learn how the next generation of Tricentis innovations will transform your testing … in this rapid-fire series of talks by four different Tricentis product leaders at the Tricentis Virtual Summit. Watch this session for a quick look at at 1) the new Tricentis Analytics, 2) the recorder of the future, or how Supertesters will be created, 3) how service virtualization will make you the next Tesla, and 4) the future of distributed test execution.

Speaker: Callie McConnell, Senior Product Manager, Tricentis
Callie is a product manager at Tricentis, focused on setting strategy for the core products and delivering features that benefit testers. Callie bring a wealth of knowledge from a data and analytics background which helps her solve key customer problems by designing feature for qTest Insights. Callie has over seven years of product management experience and is an all-around cool person.

Speaker: Arlindo Lima, Product Manager, Tricentis
Arlindo Lima is a product manager at Tricentis, focused on re-imagining the ways software gets tested and on creating products that empower testers and adapt to how testers work, as opposed to forcing them into some pre-defined, prescriptive way of working. In the software delivery industry for nearly 10 years, Arlindo’s entire experience has been centered around delivering business value and digital transformation through IT, with a focus on testing, cloud, and enterprise applications. As one of the earliest product managers of the startup unicorn OutSystems, his team transformed the product into a Gartner and Forrester-recognized low-code development platform leader, even before the term had been coined. He is always open to sharing knowledge, so feel free to connect with him, if you need advice or just want to exchange ideas.

Speaker: David Wagner, Product Manager, Tricentis

Speaker: Robert Wagner, Senior Director of Product Management, Tricentis