NextGen QA – A Glimpse into the Future of Testing


NextGen QA – A Glimpse into the Future of Testing

On-Demand Webinar

91% of software testers believe that testing must be transformed to remain relevant in today’s accelerated software development processes. The question is not if testing will change, but how. As “Digital transformation” inevitably forces all lines of business to re-evaluate their current processes and the technologies that enable them, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the legacy software testing platforms of the past are unable to keep up with today’s business demands. We find ourselves at a critical juncture in the journey towards re-inventing software testing.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to:

  • Evolve testing for the next wave of Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery
  • Extend testing beyond the boundaries of traditional manual processes
  • Increase risk coverage with fewer test cases
  • Move beyond the hype of AI to better understand both its promise and limitations

In collaboration with:


Alan Ota, VP Strategic Alliances, Tricentis

Wayne Ariola, Chief Marketing Officer, Tricentis

Amit Singh, Practice Head, Wipro

Hemanth Kumar Choudam, Practice Head, Wipro

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