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How Nordea modernized testing for DevOps and implemented a data-driven QA approach 

By creating a centralized QA capability group, the Nordea QA team transformed a once manual, time-consuming testing process with an innovative, data-driven approach that has improved quality across the business. In this webinar, you will hear from Nordea QA leaders about how they applied the concept of the data warehouse to QA, resulting in faster time to market and significantly improved release confidence that supports the organization’s DevOps initiatives.  

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  • How Nordea centralized QA governance, compliance, and reporting across multiple business units and 40+ testing tools, and the core principles that drive success 
  • How a data-driven approach enables the Nordea team to gain an accurate picture of release readiness, as well as answer any question they get asked about quality 
  • How the QA capability group collaborates with the DevOps center of excellence to integrate open-source test automation into the pipeline and improve delivery speed and quality 

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