Optimizing Agile testing: What functional testers can learn from performance testers

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Agile testing owes a debt to the pioneering work of performance testers. The approaches they developed at the start are now more closely aligned to what we now think of as exploratory testing, particularly with their use of performance tuning.

Performance tuning is an iterative process performance testers use to methodically measure, improve and integrate previous and new knowledge to improve system performance. Every iteration needs to answer a defined question, with the tester developing an explanatory hypothesis to be tested in a reproducible way. The process provides an effective tool for the tester to evaluate and improve the quality of their software.

Watch this webinar to explore the interactive “tuning” approach and its applications beyond performance testing.

You will learn:

  • The key exploratory testing principles that underpin a performance tester’s work
  • Strategic ways to apply those principles to functional testing
  • Concrete examples of what these techniques look like in the real world

Ingo Philipp, Distinguished Evangelist, Tricentis

Tim Koopmans, Director PM, Tricentis

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