Q-up + Tricentis: GDPR compliant test data for Continuous Testing

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With GDPR now in effect, the business risk associated with using production data for software testing is now prohibitive. Organizations are suddenly realizing that TDM must become a critical component of a complete data privacy and security policy. 

To ensure that these new requirements don’t impede software delivery speed, Tricentis has acquired Q-up: a test data management (TDM) platform architected to provide secure, reliable, and compliant test data on-demand. With a business-friendly, self-service interface and a lightweight provisioning agent, test data access is reduced from weeks to seconds. 

Watch this webinar to learn about how Tricentis is expanding the industry-leading Continuous Testing Platform with fast, intuitive ways for testers to add GDPR-compliant test data to their tests—either through extraction and masking or synthetic test generation.


Andreas Günther, Managing Director, Q-up

Elmar Pauwels, Product Manager, Tricentis

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