Does the Release Candidate Have an Acceptable Level of Risk?

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If you’re still asking, “Are we done testing?” then you’re asking the wrong question. In today’s highly-accelerated delivery processes, you need to be asking: 

Does the release candidate have an acceptable level of risk? 

In other words, how does the latest round of changes really impact the overall end-user experience? Could releasing a particular build cause palpable damage to the business?  

If you’re not confident that you can answer these critical questions accurately, join Wayne Ariola to learn how you can attain the required insight.  

You’ll learn:

  • How to establish a baseline to measure risk in the context of application delivery
  • How risk coverage differs from code and test coverage
  • Why, where, and how to measure risk within the automated release process

Wayne Ariola, Chief Marketing Officer, Tricentis

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