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Risk-Based API Testing: Test Less and Shift Left

Software is never perfect—but how can you stop the most business-critical issues from evading your testing efforts? 

You could try to extensively test every possible path each time your application changes…but that’s rarely realistic. A more feasible approach is to use risk-based testing. This focuses your limited testing time on building an efficient set of tests that 1) delivers the most powerful risk coverage and 2) alerts you to the highest impact test failures.  Additionally, if you’re testing functionality that’s exposed via an API, you can take this strategy to the next level: risk-based API testing. 

Risk-based API testing is the pinnacle of “lean” testing. You not only achieve higher risk-coverage with fewer tests. You also focus on tests that are extremely fast to execute—and you “shift left” testing so that defects are found when they are fastest, easiest, and cheapest to fix. 

Join this webinar to learn how risk-based API testing helps you accelerate testing while actually increasing your risk coverage. We’ll cover how to: 

  • Design the most powerful and efficient test portfolio for covering top business risks 
  • Determine what part of your test portfolio you should shift to the API layer 
  • Get started with risk-based API testing 


Elmar Pauwels

Robert Wagner

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