“Shift Left” Testing for Quality at Agile Speed


“Shift Left” Testing for Quality at Agile Speed

On-Demand Webinar

With the drive to scale Agile and adopt Continuous Delivery, testers no longer have the luxury of testing completed applications in robust test environments—over a period of months. Now, testers need to start testing each user story as soon as it’s implemented, complete testing faster, and ensure that the constant changes don’t negatively impact any of the existing functionality.

Watch this webinar on-demand to learn how leading enterprise testing teams are “shifting left” testing to safeguard quality in accelerated release processes. We’ll cover strategies that apply to both co-located “DevTest” teams as well as organizations where system integrators perform testing from a remote location. You’ll learn:

  • Why and how traditional ways of testing need to change
  • How service virtualization can help you start testing early and perform continuous testing in unstable/evolving test environments
  • Strategies for integrating the right set of tests at different stages of the SDLC and software delivery pipeline

Alexander Mohr, Customer Success EMEA, Tricentis

Prashant Burse, Associate Vice President, Infosys

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